Two heads (and two industry‑leading companies) are better than one

When Zirous, a leading technology service provider, met OBI, a leading marketing research and advertising agency, it resulted in an exciting joint venture. Welcome to Zirobi.

Meet the companies behind our company.


Through 33 years of executing cutting-edge technology solutions, Zirous understands the complexity and necessity of bringing data together. From strategic consulting and best practices to ETL and modern data architecture to establishing end-to-end data pipelines and operationalizing machine-learning models, Zirous becomes an extension of your in-house talent to support the needs of your business.


A marketing research and mighty fine ad agency, OBI is founded on nearly 20 years of customer research. Pioneers in listening to the customer (then delivering!), their proprietary O’Brien Voice of the Customer (o.VOC™ ) study blends qualitative data gathered from customers, employees and competitors with quantitative operational data to comprehensively direct, and positively impact, the brands of their clients.

Our Team

  1. Mike McDermott

    Mike McDermott

  2. Mary Ann O'Brien
  3. Megan Tell

    Megan Tell

    Managing Director
  4. Lana LeGrand

    Lana LeGrand

    Managing Director
  1. Elias Karthan

    Elias Karthan

    Chief Data Engineer
  2. Mike Spear

    Mike Spear

    VP, Strategic Accounts
  3. AnnMarie Fereday

    AnnMarie Fereday

    Data and CX Strategist
  4. Madison Lang

    Madison Lang

    Data & AI Strategist
  5. Linda Bartling

    Linda Bartling

    Data and CX Strategist
  6. Rob Vicker

    Rob Vicker

    Data Engineer
  7. Sean Conlin

    Sean Conlin

    Data and CX Strategist
  8. Tiffany Steffen

    Tiffany Steffen

    Account Executive
  9. Kevin Hutchison

    Kevin Hutchison

    Data and CX Strategist

Let go of "feel-good" metrics, like click-through rates or traffic, and instead embrace metrics that link marketing activity to business outcomes.

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