Are Zirous and OBI still two separate companies? How does this partnership work?

Yes, Zirous and OBI are still very much two separate companies specializing in technology (Zirous) and marketing (OBI). They saw a great opportunity across their industries and joined forces to form strategic partnership, a unicorn if you will, called Zirobi. Zirobi combines data, AI-driven insights, machine learning and marketing know-how to improve your business and your customers’ experience (CX). CX initiatives often start in one department and are not shared across the enterprise. Zirobi works to break down these silos, developing business objectives and outcomes required to effectively execute a digital transformation initiative.

How do you customize the data solution for each client?

Often times, companies seek out a product that can integrate all of their data and streamline analytics and insights-driven decision making. If only it were that easy! We don’t offer a product; we offer solutions and consultative services. We evaluate your organization’s data infrastructure and provide a roadmap for transforming your data from descriptive to prescriptive. Often, we uncover the need for software implementation. We begin by evaluating your organization’s goals, objectives, requirements, governance, technical resources/skill and data to determine the most efficient and effective plan of action.

Does Zirobi oversee the implementation and provide technical support?

Yes! We provide you the insights needed to best improve your business and support you throughout the implementation process. We work with you to integrate and unify your data; implement the appropriate governance to allow access to the right users; and begin building the models needed to generate transformational data points and insights that can help provide a better customer experience.

Does Zirobi use proprietary software or third-party products?

We do not have proprietary software (yet!) Many different third-party products come into play. Following our gap analysis, we can determine how to best incorporate additional established platforms, products and data sources to fill the gaps and deliver a unified view of the customer.

What is the pricing structure?

It is not one price fits all. The pricing structure varies depending on your size, scope and needs. We’re happy to meet with your team independently to talk more!